It has been around half a year since the Aurora database opened with a new platform. During this time we have received feedback on the functions as well as the appearance of the new website. The feedback has given us valuable information about what could work better and what information is hard to find on the website. On the basis of the feedback, we have made the following changes:


  • The search results can now be narrowed down by the dates, since you can select a deadline by as well as a deadline after


  • Once you have done a search, the page is directed automatically to the search results under the search fields.
  • We added a separate section for the continuous calls so that you can view them without having to browse to the last pages of the search results.
  • Our old website would show only the first 100 search results, even if there were more timely funding opportunities. On the new website, we have wanted to show all search results. Thus the number of search results may be far bigger and the results are divided into several pages.


  • The list of current calls is situated on the front page of the website right below the search fields, just like on the old website. The list contains all funding calls closing during the following 30 days, from the closest to the furthest
  • The feedback shows that it is not easy to find the list of current calls. Therefore the size of the search section of the front page has been reduced, so that the header Current Calls is be more visible once you open the front page.