How to Do Searches

You can search for funding opportunities in several ways and with different combinations.

  1. With categories: Choose one or several categories from the drop-down menu on the search engine. You can also go to the Categories page from the top menu and by clicking one of these categories you will see all the funding opportunities in the chosen category.
  2. With a keyword search: The keyword search works also with incomplete words.
  3. With a deadline date: The search results can now be narrowed down by the dates, since you can select a deadline by as well as a deadline after. There is a separate section for the continuous calls.

Funders List

On the Funders page you can find all the funding organisations included in Aurora listed alphabetically. By clicking on the funding organisations’ names, you will find all their open and closed calls. The page also provides links to each funding organisation’s own website, in case they have one.

Additional Functions for Registered Users

Favourites and Notifications

Registered users can save funders and funding opportunities as favourites to the My Favourites page which appears on the top bar when the user is logged in.

When logged in you can save the funding opportunities as favourites by clicking the Add to favourites button while browsing the search results. The saved favourite funding opportunities will then appear on the My Favourites page, where you can choose to order a notification by email about the call two weeks and/or four days before the deadline. The notifications will be sent to the email address provided by the user on registration.

Also the funding organisations can be saved as favourites the same way. You can order notifications about new funding opportunities of your favourite funders to your email. The notifications will be sent to the email address provided by the user on registration.

On the My Favourites page, it is also possible to remove the saved favourites.


To create a profile, select Register from the top menu or the footer. The system will only ask for an email address for your user name and a password. All emails from the system will be sent to the email address you have provided at registration. If you forget your password, you can order a new one to be sent to you by email on the Log in page.

My Profile

On the My Profile page you can change your password and the email address given on the registration. Note that the email address can be changed only once.

On the My Profile page you can also delete your data by clicking the Delete my profile button. We will confirm the request by email as precaution for mistakes. Once a profile has been deleted, all the user information will be lost and the profile cannot be restored.

Data protection

Information given when registering to the service forms a personal data file in accordance with the Personal Data Act, and this file is maintained by the University of Turku. Registered users will always have the right to access their information and make any changes and delete them. This right can be exercised online through the Aurora database on My profile page. No data will be disclosed to any third parties outside the database.

Data Protection Notice

Do you have questions or problems with the database?

Please contact us if you have

  • questions about the database
  • technical problems using the database
  • feedback of our activities