Name of funding opportunity

The Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation. Grants for 2022

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The Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation supports basic research in mathematics and the exact sciences and in addition the development of school teaching. More information:

Grants for scientific research: The foundation supports basic scientific research in mathematics, astronomy, physics and chemistry including medical chemistry. Support can also be granted for the organizing of scientific conferences. Grants can be awarded to researchers with at least a Master’s degree (or corresponding) from a university for scientific research work, PhD-studies, personal grants and travel costs related to the research activities. A personal grant requires freedom from salaried work.

Application guidelines

Applications are made electronically using the forms of the foundation. The instructions for applicants should be studied carefully before making the application:

Application period

15.10.2021 - 30.11.2021

Contact information

Niklas Meinander magnus.ehrnrooth(at)