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“Sigrid Jusélius senior researcher”– The grants are awarded for a period of three years, and they are designed for independent medical researchers who have earned an adjunct professor (Docent) or have corresponding scientific competence but do not have posts or employment contracts as researchers for the period for which the grant is awarded. The Foundation awards four grants of EUR 500,000 each, which cover the researcher’s personal salary and a portion of their research-related expenses.

The funds are paid to the researcher’s employer. Clinical researchers can also agree on a part-time role with their clinical employer (similarly to part-time roles of universities’ full-time doctors). The work is expected to begin by agreement.

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16.09.2019 - 16.10.2019

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Susanne Cronstedt
tel. 020 710 9082, 044 97 65 717
email: susanne.cronstedt(at)