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Support for international promotion

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The purpose of this support is to endorse international promotion and networking of Finnish professionals, organizations, works and productions. On a case-by-case basis, we may grant support to an international audiovisual operator for the development of the audiovisual industry. Suitable applicants are private individuals, working groups, companies and organisations operating professionally in the audiovisual industry.

Support can be granted for

  • travel to international festivals or an event that the applicant’s work has been selected for
  • international exports of Finnish audiovisual works and costs incurred from such
  • participation of producers and audiovisual makers in international industry events and financing forums
  • discretionary support can be awarded for manufacturing costs of materials promoting internationalisation
  • for other activities required for international distribution


Application guidelines

The support is applied for in the online application system: The application must be submitted to AVEK prior to the international promotion trip/event in question. Support will not be granted retroactively.

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Application period

Continous call

Contact information

AVEK office
tel: 09 4315 2350