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Kone Foundation supports bold initiatives in research and the arts. By ‘boldness’ we mean the ability to question and examine the world from a new, critical perspective; we believe that it is through such an outlook that understanding of a particular subject deepens.

The research supported by the Foundation may be in the humanities, arts or social or environmental sciences, or it may be multidiscipline research relating to the above-mentioned fields. We also encourage applicants to engage in diversified projects that combine art and science, as well as collaboration between journalists and researchers.

Funding can be applied for:
1) academic and / or artistic work
2) the advancement of academic and / or artistic work (e.g., a project whose aim is to develop a field)
3) work based on academic research and / or artistic work (e.g., making research or art available to wider audiences)
4) other kinds of cultural work.

Kone Foundation grants are mainly intended for Finnish nationals working in Finland or abroad or for other nationalities working in Finland. If you do not have a Finnish background and are working outside of Finland, your work should have a connection to Finland.

Finnish organisations, work groups and communities in the fields of art and research, who want to invite a foreign art or research expert to Finland for a cooperation project, are welcome to apply for the Lauttasaari Manor residence. Residency guests are selected through an open application process, which is organised in connection with the Foundation’s general application procedure every year.

Application guidelines

Apply for funding by submitting your application and attachments using the Online Grant Service. The service is open during the annual application period in September. Read more: