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Art grants

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For whom: The grants are intended for professional artists in Espoo irrespective of art form.

For what purpose: Short-term artistic work, from one month to three months.

The amount of the grant: The grant amount matches the artist grants awarded by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. In 2021: EUR 1. 960 per month.

Application guidelines

When: The short-term art grants are continuously open for application from the beginning of February to the end of August The application period ends on August 31, 2021 at 3:45 pm. If the last day of the application period falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the application period will end on the weekday following the weekend at 3:45 pm. The committee decides on art grants at the following meetings held after the time of application.

How: The art grant for professional artists is applied for by using the form provided. The required attachments – a CV and a work plan for the requested period (1 month or 3 months) – should be submitted simultaneously with the form.

More information about the application procedure: