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The approach for Argumenta is emphatically cross-disciplinary. Although the same problems are often studied in different disciplines, it may be difficult to find a common language for formulating the solutions. The purpose of Argumenta is to apply interdisciplinary dialogue to producing new answers and conclusions for challenging issues in society, and to communicate these results to a broader audience than the academic community.

The core operating model for Argumenta is to organise a series of seminars and, possibly, workshops, which may also involve other activities. The funding is not intended for actual research, but rather for covering the costs of the seminars, other events, and communications.

Application guidelines

Applications for Argumenta grants must be made in the name of a scholarly project team. The team should, if possible, include representatives of all of the disciplines relevant to the topic.

The grant sum for one project is approximately EUR 100.000–150.000.

The application is a two-stage process. The first stage will be open during the March Round of Applications on the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Online Application Service. The second stage of the application process will take place during the August Round of Applications. The applicants will be notified of the results by the end of October.

The updated application guidelines can be found from the Finnish Cultural Foundation website ( at the start of the application period.