Name of register: Aurora database user information

Register registrant: University of Turku, 20014 Turun yliopisto

Representative for register: Soile Haverinen, email: aurora(at)

Contact persons in matters regarding register: Aurora team, email: aurora(at)

Data Protections Officer of the University of Turku: email: dpo(at)

Use of personal data

  • The data of the registered users are used to perform the functions of the database and for possible compilation of statistics.
  • The only necessary information needed for the registration is the user’s email address. The email address is used for the identification of the user while signing into the database, for the automatic email notifications of the saved funders and funding opportunities, and for communication in problem situations.
  • When a registered user has saved funders or funding opportunities to his/her favourites, the administrators of the database are able to see this information, but they do not use the possibility. The saved information may be used for statistics impersonally.
  • The use of the database creates log entries, which are used for managing the data security and for technical development of the services and for discovering, prevent and dealing with fault situations (Information Society Code (917/2014) 138§, 141§, 144§). The Logs are stored the time needed for these purposes and they are not used for any other purpose.
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Regular data sources of the register

  • The sources of the personal data are the information provided by a person when he/she registers at the database and when he/she saves information to his/her profile.

Data storage

  • Email address is the only information that is necessary to save to the register.
  • Aurora database stores the personal data as long as the user is registered to the database.
  • The data is stored on the server of the University of Turku in such a way that it can be accessed only by the members of the Aurora team.


  • Registered users have the right to access, change or erase their information at any time. This right can be exercised on the My profile page on Aurora database. If you wish to unregister and erase your data, please contact us at aurora[at] from the same email address that you use to register at Aurora database.  
  • If you notice any faults or unlawfulness in the use of personal data, you have the right to make a complaint about it to the Data Protection Authority. The contact person about the rights of the representatives of the funding organisations is the Data Protections Officer (contact address in the beginning of the Data protection notice).

Transfer of personal data

  • No personal data will be disclosed to any third parties outside the database.

 The principles of personal data protection