Why should I register to Aurora?

  • You can use Aurora perfectly fine without signing in. Only if you want to save funders or funding opportunities as favourites or order notifications by email, you need to sign in first.

Why doesn’t the database include all Finnish Foundations?

  • We simply do not know every Finnish foundation. Also, not every foundation wants to be included in Aurora.
  • The criteria for foundations that are included in Aurora is that they should fund science and/or arts, and that the funding doesn’t require a membership of any association etc.

Why doesn’t the database contain detailed information about Academy of Finland and Business Finland?

  • Academy of Finland and Business Finland are the biggest and the most well-known Finnish funders. Their own websites are familiar to the research funding applicants, and it’s there that the applicants find the necessary guidelines for each call.
  • In the Aurora’s News section, we inform when the Academy of Finland’s April and September calls have been announced. The Business Finland’s calls are mainly continuous.

Why can’t I make searches with a call’s starting date?

  • Most funders do not state the starting date of their funding calls. Thus, making searches with the starting date would give incomplete search results.

Why do some of the funding opportunity pages have very short descriptions?

  • We publish the funding information the way the funders send them to us. Some funders are very brief.

Why isn’t all information in English and Swedish as well as in Finnish?

  • We publish the information in the languages in which the funders give them. TheAurora team does not have a translator, nor can we take responsibility of the validity of the translations.